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Stephen Sirridge, PhD

816.444.5511, Extension 107

I am a licensed psychologist with thirty-eight years of teaching and clinical experience. I graduated from the University of Kansas and currently am Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Avila University. During my tenure at Avila, I was a teacher and supervisor of interns in our Master’s in Counseling Psychology program and for ten years acted as Clinical Director.

I work with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. I especially enjoy longer term psychotherapy with clients that focus not only on symptom relief and current relationship and career issues, but also include an in-depth look at family of origin dilemmas that create personal doubt and insecurity in people’s lives

I tend to be eclectic/integrative in my approach to people, emphasizing that each person has his/her own “story”, and there are many avenues to understand that story. I work collaboratively with each person to change the trajectory of their lives; that is, to modify long held themes and decisions that restrict personal experience.

I am married and a father of two children. I believe that my personal background helps me understand the challenges of parenting and partnership. My long history in higher education also allows me to appreciate the conflicts and roadblocks that face college and graduate students and how to successfully guide students in negotiating solutions to their dilemmas.

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