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Pamela Seator, MD

(816) 268-6996

Dr. Pamela Seator is a board certified psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst, making her unique among psychiatrists. She evaluates and treats adults who have problems with anxiety, mood and other psychiatric symptoms. In addition to using medications to treat her patients, she uses psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Dr. Seator trained at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she completed her internship and residency in psychiatry in 1987. She later completed the four year didactic and clinical training program at the Greater Kansas City Psychoanalytic Institute and graduated as a psychoanalyst. After ten years of hospital work in the 1990’s where she was the medical director of a hospital unit specializing in the treatment of patients who had undergone traumatic experiences in their past, she now devotes her time to treating adults in her outpatient private practice. Prior to psychiatry Dr. Seator was a Peace Corps volunteer in Central America.


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